Exchange: Easy exchange with no trouble at all. Makes it much easier for the users to exchange USD/BTC, USD/ETH, USD/LTC, ETH/BTC, LTC/BTC. Of course, this exchange would be with the minimum level of slippage. Trade as per the situation. Get benefited with more focus on trends.

Margin Trading: You can leverage by actively receiving funds from peer-to-peer margin funding platform. You will have to just enter their order with respect to borrowing, desired amount of funding. You can select the rate and duration of your choice. Or, you can also have the option to open a position which will allow us to take out funding for you at the best time and with good rate as well.

Margin Funding Market: This will allow you to earn interest on USD Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH). with funds that you will provide to the users you are trading with. Users can have the option to place the duration and the rate as they may want. Offers can be auto-renewed upon expiry.

Order Types: We offer our users a plethora of order types so that they can help as needed through tools in every possible scenario. Order types we currently offer include the following:

Limit: Buy / sell any order at a specified price or price that is much better

Market: Buy / sell Order to be executed as per the current market prices.

Stop:Indicates selling or closing the position when market reaches a particular price.

Trailing-Stop: A type of a stop order which can easily be executed when market turns against you with a defined price, known as price difference. “Trailing-stop” sell orders are particularly used in order to maximize and protect the profit (when the stock price increases) and limit losses (when the prices go down a little)

Fill or Kill: It is a limit order that should be filled in its entirety or it should be cancelled (killed). It is to ensure that the position is entered at one’s own price.

One Cancels Other (OCO): OCO makes it much more possible for you to place two orders, much more stipulating that if one of the orders get executed partially or fully, the other order gets automatically cancelled. It perfectly conjoins a limit order and a stop order. This will make it much easier for you to place profit targets and eliminate loss targets for your position.

Post Only: “Post Only” reminds you of paying maker fee.“Post Only” Limit Order may get inserted into the order book or it may get cancelled.

Hidden Order: It is a type of order which doesn’t appear in the order book. It doesn’t create any influence on other market participants.